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With a recent deadly pandemic of coronavirus (COVID - 19) as an unprecedented threat to humankind, the way of living life has markedly changed. Today, medical office cleaning is of paramount importance. This is where MNT leaves no stone unturned to get you the best services.

Infection control and prevention

Improvement inpatient environment

Lowering the risks of all kinds

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    Patient-centered medical cleaning

    At MNT medical centre cleaning services in Australia, we know that patient satisfaction has been on your top priority list. Hence, we provide sheer patient-centric medical facility cleaning that is extensive, tailored to your need, and industry-leading practice.

    Highest medical cleaning standards

    As a responsible and renowned janitor service in Australia, we assure you that our cleaning processes comply with the environmental cleaning policies set by international bodies. Such compliance makes sure that your medical facility is thoroughly cleaned to the highest standards specified and accepted internationally.

    The next level cleaning

    To get you a superior clean, our experienced medical cleaning janitors take extensive, tailor-made training that meets the said requirements of every healthcare provider and place. From cleaning equipment to walls and patient tables, we stop at nothing to ensure that you and your patients are in the safest possible environment.

    Medical facility cleaning services in Australia

    With almost everything at risk in medical facilities or premises of clinics and hospitals, the medical cleaning in Australia requires a unique approach compared to other institutions and office spaces. Medical centres need cleaning specialists focused on assuring you utterly cleaned, sanitized and disinfected areas.

    At MNT medical cleaning services in Australia, our janitorial services showcase our extensive knowledge of cleaning through using international standard methods and medical cleaning products, which, in turn, help to eradicate any contamination. As a result, you benefit from unparalleled services that deliver the best results for a complete range of healthcare cleaning requirements with us.

    Why MNT medical center cleaning services?

    Professional disinfection and cleaning services in Australia are crucial to preserving you and your patients; also, regular cleaning prevents microorganisms and infectious diseases. MNT medical centre cleaning services provide the highest standards of clean up to assure your patients a safe and sanitary environment.

    Reach us in no time

    MNT provides an array of medical facility cleaning services from small clinics to medium-sized to large corporate hospitals and healthcare centres. So if you are serious about providing your patients and other visitors the best safe environment in this unprecedented pandemic of covid19, then look no further. Just drop us a mail or call, and our experts in medical cleaning will contact you soon.
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    Medical office cleaning – a serious job

    Our satisfied clients spread the word about MNT’s medical cleaning services; they often recommend our services to clinics, individual family doctors, healthcare centres, and hospitals. Cleaning at any place that deals with human life is a serious job, and only professionals should take care of it. Local maids and cleaning may appear ‘okay, but ultimately it is not.

    We have in-house teams of specialized medical office cleaning professionals or janitors who have a great understanding of the unique requirements of doctor’s offices, surgery clinics, laboratories, and primary healthcare centres, and hospitals. We take utmost care of Australia’s medical cleaning regulations that cover cleaning for healthcare and provide basic guidelines for microbiology and medical cleaning solution chemistry.

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    Germ-free environment

    The janitorial staff at MNT knows the best methods to clean your medical facility with internationally acclaimed aseptic cleaning solutions to get you rid of air-borne infection, blood borne pathogens, infectious instruments and medical equipment, and microbes present at beds, toilets, tables, and the like.

    Specially trained medical janitors

    As part of training, our medical cleaning janitors take in-depth theoretical knowledge combined with real-world, hands-on practices for medical facility cleaning services in Australia. Such knowledge makes our medical cleaning experts great professionals who know aseptic and safe cleaning.

    Professional window cleaning solutions

    The MNT medical cleaning process commits to maintaining a hygienic environment for your patients, visitors and medical staff while assuring you to bring down the healthcare-acquired infections (HAIs) through sheer surface hygiene. We put equal emphasis on the floors and surfaces.

    Highly technical staff

    MNT medical cleaning services ensure that the team sent to your medical facility or centres is trained and thoroughly experienced. They know hospital-grade cleaning, and they are also well aware of the highly infectious and low-risk areas. They clean up the places accordingly. Multi-filtration, deep vacuuming and thorough sanitization are what they offer.

    Cleaner medical facility by professional medical janitors

    The professional medical centre cleaning service staff at MNT has in-depth knowledge of the aseptic cleaning process for interiors and exteriors. Our janitors undergo vigorous training and education on critical medical cleaning and disinfecting protocols. They wear advanced personal protective equipment (gowns, masks, and gloves) while working in a medical facility environment.

    In addition, a prescribed medical office cleaning Australian protocols have mentioned the use of standard Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)-approved, internationally accepted cleaning and disinfectant solutions for every surface. We follow that strictly.

    Every nook and corner

    We clean what others may ignore! Our professional medical centre cleaning services instantly reduce microbial levels from places that require special attention. While others overlook them, we tend to high-touch areas, including tables, telephones, door handles, remote controls, lights and switches, and computer equipment. Furthermore, we take the utmost care of the top, front, sides, headboards, mattresses, frames, and side rails of patient coats in rooms.

    Greater peace of mind

    We take responsibility for providing you and your patients the best possible safer and cleaner environment. Hospitals and healthcare centres are prone to develop colonies of bacteria and viruses; hence, we don’t compromise on anything and provide you with an environment that will help prevent the spread of the diseases and help recover the patients faster.


    The medical facility or medical centre cleaning services in Australia cost you an arm and a leg. Well, that’s not with us. We are pocket friendly, and hence our esteemed clients prefer to do business with us for a longer time. We have short and long term contracts of medical premises cleaning in Australia and throughout the Country. So contact us now and stay worry-free about all of your medical cleaning.


    Get the best and professional medical cleaners offering excellent cleaning services.
    MNT cleaning company is certified in cleaning and offers a high-end service guarantee.
    Get amused when you see the cleaning reports of the service we offered you.
    Maintaining hygiene with cleaning tools and products is extremely important to us.
    We are trained to clean everything, hazardous areas, medical areas and instruments.

    Frequently Ask Questions

    The medical and health facility needs to be cleaned and sanitized, and our janitors are professional and highly trained in offering what you demand. We do not work for money and compromise quality. Instead, we work to provide you with a clean and healthy environment. This attitude makes us the best of all medical cleaning services.

    MNT medical and healthcare cleaning service will provide you with the cleaning and sanitisation of:

    • Examination rooms
    • Operation theatres
    • Toilets and laundry
    • Pathology
    • I.C.U.
    • Low and high-risk areas
    • Remedial therapy rooms
    • Rehabilitation exercise areas
    • Sterile environment cleaning

    Our janitors are highly professionals in their job. We provide them with special training that helps them in their medical rooms’ work. Our team follows strict protocols and cleaning standards that make us the best in our field. As a result, we have top-rated janitors in medical and healthcare cleaning services in Melbourne.
    MNT medical cleaning services are available 24X7. We know that it is challenging to shut your office or hospital for a whole day. Hence you do your operations and offer treatments, and once your room is free, you can call us for cleaning the area.
    We have a kit of the highest quality environment-friendly cleaning material and a team of experts who have experience cleaning medical-related rooms, ICUs, and clinics. In addition, we have the latest high-tech cleaning equipment and technology to handle our cleaning jobs. Want to know more about how we go ahead? Let’s connect.

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