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End of Lease Cleaning

As a leading cleaning service provider, our janitors know precisely how to make the place neat and tidy. Whether you are a tenant seeking your security deposit back, or an owner who wants the apartment ready for AirBNB or sublet, let MNT’s end of lease cleaning experts tackle the task for the best outcome.

Deep cleaning of the entire apartment or house

Junk and clutter removal

Odor treatment

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    Tough landlord

    Not all people you come across are kind, cool, and calm! Yes, you do meet someone who is headstrong. If you have a landlord who has taken a security deposit and is only getting you that back when you have a perfect end of lease cleaning, MNT cleaning services are the right choice. Even for the toughest landlords, we have helped tenants get back their money.

    Tough tenant

    The other way round is also possible. If you have had a tricky tenant who left your apartment or house messy without proper cleaning, you need MNT end of lease cleaning. As a house owner, you want your property to earn you money. For that, whether you want your beautiful apartment to be shown to others or put photos online, MNT end of lease cleaning services in Melbourne is the best to opt for.

    Unparalleled end of lease cleaning

    To get you the best and superior clean up, janitors at MNT end of lease cleaning in Melbourne use the highest quality standard cleaning solutions to make the place hygienic, super clean, and eye-catching like new. Our experts use the best cleaning equipment to wipe off every corner and surface.

    Move in or move out apartment cleaning Melbourne

    Suppose you are one of those hundreds of thousands in Melbourne who frequently move out of an old apartment, condominium, or house and into a newer one. In that case, end of lease cleaning is often at the bottom of your priority list because you have many other essential tasks. HOWEVER, with MNT end of lease cleaning in Melbourne, there is no hassle in getting back your security deposit.

    It is evident to many that cleaning always takes a back seat when moving to a newer place! Hence, MNT end-of-lease cleaning services in Melbourne take care of your move-out cleaning and or move-in cleaning to free you from unnecessary worries. You can then focus on what is essential such as pack up important belongings and shipping them.

    Why MNT end of lease cleaning in Melbourne?

    Because you want peace of mind by making it sure that the old place you left has been perfectly cleaned and tended to; or in other cases, the new premises is ready to move into. While you are moving to a more pristine place, cleaning any type and size apartment you need us to get cleaned will always be our top priority.

    Trust – our strength

    MNT end of lease cleaning services in Melbourne are built on only one pillar – trust! You can undoubtedly trust us that you have contracted with the best end of lease cleaners in Melbourne. Our teams of special cleaning janitors possess plenty of experience in facilitating Melbourne residents moving. In addition, we take care of cleaning your former or future apartments, condominiums, and houses.
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    End is a new beginning

    End of lease cleaning in Melbourne is a new beginning for others. For instance, if you are a tenant and leave the old premises to move into other places, the landlord and a new tenant moving into the house you left is a new beginning. Don’t do any injustice to them as to them it would be an all-new life. Instead, opt for the best clean up services after the end of the lease in Melbourne. Contact MNT, and you’ll never regret it.

    We have in-house experts of specialized end of lease cleaning professionals or janitors who know what you are looking for. Whether an apartment, bungalow, studio apartment, little or large house or any sort of dwelling, our experienced end of lease janitors will serve you the best.

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    Completely sanitized end of lease clean up

    The janitorial staff at MNT has their best knowledge about the end of tenancy cleaning techniques to make your place tidy. Our staff use internationally recognized aseptic cleaning solutions to make your premises germ free and pollen-free so that the residents moving in feel safe.

    We know the pulse of Melbournians

    We have been serving all the communities in Melbourne for the past few years. We understand what Melbournians want, and hence we are a perfect fit for your end of lease cleaning services in Melbourne. Whether you are a tenant and want to impress your landlord or the house owner and make sure that the new tenants get impressed, MNT’s end of lease cleaning in Melbourne is quite famous.

    Professional clean up after lease end

    We take utmost pride as we have helped our customers move out. Also, we have clients who took our services for cleaning their former residences to the best possible standards. In addition, we do have clients who moved into sparkling clean houses after our services. Our professional cleaners or janitorial staff will never let you down in any of those services.

    Highly trained and friendly janitors

    MNT end of tenancy cleaning services make sure that the janitorial experts sent to your premises are well trained and thoroughly experienced in clean up services. They know international-grade apartment or house cleaning, and they also have a thorough knowledge of various cleaning methods to remove stubborn stains from the floor, glasses, and walls.

    Don’t ignore end-of-tenancy cleaning in Melbourne

    Melbourne is flooded with companies that provide you with many different cleaning services such as furniture cleaning, house cleaning, end of lease cleaning, apartment cleaning, office cleaning, and the like. The city is excellent this way because tough competition only helps customers to get the best services. Nevertheless, there are chances that you fall into the trap of unprofessional services. MNT assures you that you got the best at your end.

    In addition, when you opt for a business with MNT end of tenancy cleaning in Melbourne, we are confident that you’ll go a long run with us. Ours is a customer-centric service, and we believe in long term relationships. You can contact us for any sort of cleaning services in Melbourne as we are experts at it and have excelled in all kinds of janitorial services.

    Outside cleaning

    Melbourne is home to hundreds of thousands of people, with relatively many of those people living very close to each other; hence, it does not surprise that someone else’s garbage becomes the neighborhood’s trash over the period. Therefore, MNT end of lease cleaning services takes care of both inside and outside within your premises.

    Kitchen cleaning

    Kitchens are one of the most challenging places to clean, especially after lease or tenancy. The tenants leave such a mess that it is impossible to clean without proper solutions and equipment. As the best after tenancy cleaning services in Melbourne, MNT takes care of all the stubborn stains and cleans the kitchen that looks like new later.

    Toilet and other cleaning

    Not all places have the same techniques to apply for cleaning. After tenants leave, the end of lease cleaning in Melbourne requires utmost care in some areas such as toilets and drainage places. Our janitorial staff is well aware of this fact and is highly trained to clean up the mess.


    Let us take care of all your end of lease cleaning worries!
    We have the equipment and expert personnel to handle any mess you may encounter.
    MNT cleaning company ensures you best result in low cost
    We are a team of the best-rated squad for the end of lease cleaning
    We have professional cleaners that provide you with the best quality cleaning.

    Frequently Ask Questions

    In any case, when a tenant leaves a rental property, the property must be cleaned thoroughly and meticulously before handing over the keys to the actual owner. The objective is to offer the property to present to the new tenant and get your deposits back. This type of cleaning requires extensive care, time, and deep cleaning. That’s why it is called the end of leasing cleaning service.

    In the exterior end of lease cleaning, we include:

    • Dust removal from windows and walls.
    • Garden cleaning (lawn cutting, trimming edges, sweeping pathway)
    • Clean and remove the mess produced by the pets.
    • Fixes door lights and letterbox.
    • Clean garage and pools (if you have any)

    In the interior end of lease cleaning, we include:

    • Dust removal of windows, walls, doors and picture rails.
    • Clean fan blades, air conditioner, vents, doors, door tracks.
    • Wash and clean filters.
    • Empty and clean wardrobes, drawers, shelves and cupboards.
    • Wash and dry-clean curtains.
    • Clean furniture and place them in the original place.

    After the lease ends, cleaning the kitchen is the most challenging task. The kitchen is where tenants make a lot of mess, which is impossible to clean without special equipment and experience. But don’t worry, MNT offers an end of lease cleaning service that helps you clean all the mess and make the kitchen like a new one.
    Yes, we clean the floor and windows from inside, including the end of lease cleaning. Our team of cleaning experts will use a mop and sweep the floor too with eco-friendly cleaning material. However, if you want to clean the windows from outside, you have to customize your service with MNT’s end of leasing cleaning service in Melbourne.

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