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Day care center cleaning services

Take advantage of the MNT childcare cleaning service as we offer the best daycare centre cleaning at quite an affordable price. So let kids have the tidiest space to play on. We clean up child care centres visibly and thoroughly well so that parents are at ease as their children are taken care of in the healthiest environment. So let MNT child care cleaning services do the chores for you to focus on those cute little bundles of joy.

Provide the best hygienic environment

From carpets or rugs to bathrooms – get everything sanitized

Make cleanliness at child care centre your USP

Assure parents that their kids are in safe hands

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    Daycare cleaning

    Daycare centres handle kids’ ages from infants to up to adolescents. Such a wide age range brings many challenges when keeping the premises neat, clean and sanitized. MNT daycare centre cleaning services can be relied on for their professional janitorial services in Melbourne for regular clean up and maintenance.

    Area focused

    Our professionally trained cleaners at childcare cleaning services spend more time and are peculiar about taking care of high traffic areas that need extra maintenance and upkeep. Child care centre cleaning services at MNT offer deep cleaning and sanitization to assure you that the premises are ready to provide the healthiest environment.

    Maintain sparkling premises

    Any daycare centre’s business would depend on its image to leave an impression on parents’ minds. Parents and visitors who observe a child care centre that is tidy, well-organized and smelling fresh would feel like keeping their children with them. MNT childcare cleaning services ensure that no visitor will leave without getting impressed.

    The best daycare centre janitorial services for maintaining a healthy and clean environment

    Daycares and nurseries for young ones are pretty vulnerable to housing microorganisms such as viruses and bacteria. Therefore, these premises or places need high sanitization and wipe downs daily to curb the spread of those deadly viruses.

    Our child care centre cleaning services in Melbourne understand the much-needed janitorial requirements of daycares. We hence use the most effective yet human-friendly daycare cleaners and tools to assure you a thorough clean-up and sanitization of bathrooms, play areas, classrooms, desks, and chairs.

    Children’s health is our priority

    With the not-so-mature immune system in their body, children, especially toddlers, are pretty vulnerable to contract dangerous diseases. The most common ailments include cough, cold, and fever, mainly due to dust and debris. In addition, allergy is prevalent when the premises are not cleaned up properly. So our childcare cleaning services focus on their health.

    We don’t leave any corner unclean

    Since children’s health is on the top of our priority list, we don’t leave any stone unturned in cleaning the daycare centres. Our child care centre cleaning services offer corner-to-corner cleaning services like no other. We have specialized teams to take care of your little ones by providing the best possible healthy environment.
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    ‘Cleanliness to the core’ is what our daycare centre cleaning is known for

    Daycare centres or child care centres see high traffic in almost all areas of the premises. Hiring professional childcare centre cleaning services at MNT proves to be the most affordable and practical way to maintain these places with the highest standards.

    Daycare or child care centres with little grown-up kids and toddlers witness a different sort of wear and tear with more messy things around. They all require detailed clean-ups where MNT’s child care centre cleaning services can help reset the premises for the next day use. Our professional daycare cleaning service providers can handle any size premises of daycare or child care centres as they have impressive janitorial experience both in and outside the facilities.

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    Stable cleaning teams

    We send experienced and veterans for daycare centre cleaning services. They are pretty acquainted with the premises and know where to focus. Highly professional and reliable, our janitors will win your heart.

    Unmatched quality assurance

    Since we deal with childcare centre cleaning services, we provide highly professional janitors to guarantee quality assurance. MNT is confident that any parent or guardian visiting the childcare centre will be left amazed looking at the tiniest and most hygienic premises for their children to stay.

    Best cleaning solutions

    We understand our responsibility toward Mother Nature. Hence, we use the best cleaning solutions that are not just human-friendly but also environmental caring. We use mild yet very effective cleaning solutions so that children don’t face any issues.

    Quick to book the childcare cleaning

    We are easy to contact and get appointed for any sort of child care centre cleaning services in Melbourne, throughout the city. You can fix any day and time for cleanup services for your child care or daycare centres for kids.

    Why MNT daycare centre cleaning services in Melbourne?

    Our clients are happy to learn that our childcare cleaning services are at their doorstep at all times in Melbourne. So, if you are looking forward to keeping the unmatched standard of cleanliness at your daycare or childcare centre, we are the best option.

    We provide the essence of a clean environment in places where little ones enjoy. We assure you that with our state of the art cleaning methods, our highly skilled and trained janitors with years of cleaning experience would bring a big smile to your face.


    The places of high contact are usually the ones that need unswerving and careful cleaning. Taking this serious note, our experienced and veteran cleaners wipe up all of the classrooms after vigorous washing with unique cleaning solutions. This takes care of the accumulated dirt and also allergy spreading grime.


    Considered the hub or colonies of bacteria and viruses, these are the most dangerous areas to spread infection if not cleaned thoroughly. Our professional daycare centre cleaning services focus on cleaning every corner with a super disinfectant solution so that none of the microbes lies there.

    Play areas

    Often ignored, play areas are also vulnerable to spread infections through debris and dirt. After focusing primarily on red infection zones, our skilled and friendly cleaners or janitors take care of play areas to ensure that the little ones just enjoy their games without contracting any infection.


    We have experience of 4+ years in Daycare centre cleaning! Try us!
    You can schedule your order as you want with us and choose the plan and services you desire.
    Our priority is to make a healthy and safe environment around you!
    We clean each and everything that you want us to clean in your daycare centre.
    MNT listen to you carefully and do as you want

    Frequently Ask Questions

    Daycare cleaning is most important because the children need a fresh and clean environment for their better growth. To make this environment, your daycare centre must be clean and tidy. It is challenging to do with our hands, so the MNT daycare centre cleaning service will help you clean.

    MNT daycare centre services include

    • Cleaning of the windows, doors, floor and walls.
    • Cleaning of dust from the cabinets.
    • Washing and dry-cleaning of curtains.
    • Cleaning and sanitizing of toys and play areas.
    • Wash and clean toilets and hand basins.
    • Clean and disinfect the nappy changing area.
    • And many more.

    We have exposure to cleaning all sizes of daycare centres, kindergartens, and child care centres and offers professional cleaning services in Melbourne. With a mission to ensure the safety of the staff and children, our janitors take extra efforts to thoroughly clean the centres and make the kids feel happy by offering a safe and hygienic place to play, learn, eat, and grow.
    Yes, we can visit the child care centre after business hours. Because we believe that you have the workers in-office hours so that it doesn’t make sense that we come to you at that time. Hence you can choose the right time with the MNT daycare centre cleaning service.
    It all depends on the working hour, needed equipment, and what product is used in the service. Our experts will visit you to make a basic budget according to the needs of the job. For more details, you can visit our website or talk with our customer care executive, and we will consult a plan with you to maintain a clean and healthy environment.

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